Why Get a Hair Transplant Like Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is popularly known as a stand-up comedian in India. While his career was budding, the hair on his head started thinning. Then one day, he was back with thicker, healthier hair. What happened? Everyone started to guess. While some were convinced that he underwent a non-surgical procedure to have his hair back, it seemed obvious in the medical field that what he really had was a hair transplant.

Now, he is still in the field of acting industry, eliciting some laughs from audiences. It can’t be denied that he is considered a great artist. But with a receding hairline, he was just another person who wanted to look better. Now that he has better hair, He looks better and appears more confident. Who would not want to look good when in front of a camera? That could be the reason why he has gotten himself a hair transplant – so that he could feel more confident about himself.

Are you having hair loss problems like the Kapil Sharma we know from the past? Hair transplant could help. This is a surgical procedure where hair follicles are harvested from the head and then planted to balding areas of the head. Why get one today? Results are permanent. Once hair is planted, you can expect these to stay on your head. No such thing as a hair planted now that is gone the next day.

A hair transplant can do wonders to one’s confidence. While many will not admit, a lot of men who go bald become conscious of the way they look. Many feel that they are no longer attractive. But with a hair transplant, you can bring back your hair, and along with it, bring back your confidence too. While many will say that looks do not matter, it is not really true. A lot of people will judge you on your looks. And bald men are not seen in a positive light. In certain industries, you at least need to look presentable and having hair on your head helps a lot.

Where should you get a hair transplant? Take your cue from Kapil Sharma. India is now fast becoming a popular cosmetic surgery hub. One of the more popular procedures being done today is hair transplant. People can now get a hair transplant at a much affordable cost in here compared to Western countries. If you need one today, many hospitals and clinics are offering hair transplant procedure in major cities.



Hair Transplant Procedures: Comparing FUE and FUT Techniques

Hair transplant procedures have become very popular to the male population. In the past, when you were bald, you either had to bear with it or wear a wig. Now that hair transplant is available, no more baldy days because you get permanent hair on the once shiny spots on the head. There is two main available hair transplant procedure today. Which one is better? Read the rest below. This will discuss each of the procedures.

best hair transplant

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is when hair follicle units are individually taken from the skin. The doctor will get random follicles from the head and the density in that area will look the same. This does not involve any stitches, which is why it enables the body to heal faster, offering lesser post-procedure discomfort compared to the FUT technique. Since the follicles are harvested individually, you will not have any linear scarring on where the hair was taken from.

The 1mm puncture marks will heal by themselves after the scabbing, some days after the procedure. The wounds will usually heal really fast, anywhere from three to seven days. This procedure can be very tedious for the doctor since he or she will be harvesting the follicles individually. Because of this, it costs more compared to FUT.

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

The Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT is another hair transplant technique, with the difference that instead of individual follicles, a small strip of skin from the back of the head is taken away. After which, the clinical team will extract the hair follicles from it. The harvested follicles will then be individually planted on the bald areas of the head. This is the preferred method for people with advanced hair loss as it allows the capability to transfer greater amounts of hair grafts in a single session. Some patients claim that this can be more painful compared to the FUE procedure.

However, just like FUE, it offers a manageable recovery period. In fact, both procedures will let the patient go to work the next day. While there is no scarring in the FUE procedure, there typically forms a linear scar in the FUT technique, about 1mm in diameter or less. The scar is very thin and can easily be concealed by other hairs unless the patient sports very short hair. The scar becomes less visible over time. The cost of a FUT procedure is generally lower than that of a FUE procedure.

Planning to get a hair transplant? During the consultation,  doctor will recommend the best procedure for you.

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Hair Transplant

Have you decided that you badly needed that hair transplant.? Do not get one just yet. Know those facts first so that you won’t be surprised if when the doctor tells you it’s impossible for you to grow a lot thicker mane. Read these first!


  1. A doctor can only work with what you already have


A hair transplant is a great procedure to have especially for the balding male population. This has helped men gain back their confidence, something that they lost when they started to go bald. While it may look like the doctor waved a magic wand and made hair appear on bald areas of the hair, they did not magically make more hair appear on the head. They can only work with the hair that you already have, transferring the hair grafts, which can be taken from the back or sides of your head, and planting these on bald areas of the head. If you are completely bald, you won’t be able to get a hair transplant procedure.

2 – The hair transplant procedure is permanent


Know that when a hair is planted on your head, this becomes a permanent addition. If you are entirely okay with this, then a hair transplant could be a great thing for you.

3 – A hair transplant can be expensive


It is not cheap to get a hair transplant. This can cost several hundred or even thousands of dollars. That is why only those who have money can afford it. However, some countries offer it at a more affordable price like in India where a person can save by as much 80% of costs compared to procedures done in Western countries.

4  You need to get it from a reputable clinic


If you want to get a nice hair transplant, then you need to look for a good clinic with a reliable doctor. A hair transplant can easily go wrong when not done in the hands of an expert. Look for various reviews online.

5  There are two known hair transplant procedures


One can be better than the other depending on your needs. You will have a choice between FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transaction). An FUE transplant is where the doctor removes follicles individually and then transfers these to bald portions of the head. The FUT hair transplant, on the other hand, is where a strip of hair is removed from the back of the head and then prepared for the transplant. The downside to a FUT is that it can sometimes leave a noticeable scar at the back of the head, which makes it obvious that you have undergone a hair transplant.

Now that you know these things, do you think you are set for a hair transplant?

Why Get A Hair Transplant in India?

Hair loss or baldness is a common condition in the male population. It can impact them negatively. Those who are bald often feel aware that people look at them because they have a shiny spot on their head. Many feel that they are no longer confident due to baldness. Some bald people use wigs to hide their condition. Others, on the other hand, use non-surgical procedures. But there is now a solution that could be the best solution – a hair transplant.

A hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that involves transferring hair follicles from areas that have more hair on the body to the bald areas of the body. Many men opt to have this procedure done on their head, but this can also be done in other body parts such as the face, eyelashes, and eyebrows, often used to hide surgery or accident scars.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, there are now a number of procedures and cures being investigated to help address baldness or hair loss, but the only currently recommended and tested to be effective is hair transplant. While this may be so, many cannot get a hair transplant even if they obviously needed it. Why? The number one reason that is preventing most people from getting one is the high cost of this cosmetic procedure. And this is where Indian clinics could be of help.

Why get a hair transplant in India? There are so many reasons why this could be the best country to visit for a hair transplant.

  1. The prices of cosmetic procedures in this country are a lot more affordable compared to Western countries. If you are worried that costs will pile up, your plane tickets, hotel accommodation, and food, if you sum all of these up, you will see that the costs are still a lot cheaper than having your hair transplant done in a Western country.
  2. To visit India for a hair transplant is because their doctors are very capable. Many of their doctors come from recognized universities where some even graduated from Western schools. If you are a foreigner, you will easily get to communicate with their medical professionals. This is an English speaking country, albeit with an Indian accent. Did you know that some hospitals even provide special service to International clients? They are well versed in American and Western culture.

India offers affordable hair transplant procedures along with other cosmetic procedures. It’s the reason why it’s medical tourism is growing in popularity.

Best Hair Transplant in Delhi – The Capital Of India

When looking for a hair transplant in Delhi, the number one question about it usually is how much does it cost. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that transplants hair follicles to the balding area on the head. If you are planning to get this procedure in Delhi, then know that the cost will depend upon the severity of the baldness. This is graded at different levels. See below to get an idea.


  1. Grade 2 Baldness


For this grade level, your doctor might try to win back your hair using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or some other non-surgical procedure. In case you are wondering, it is possible to negotiate the cost of a PRP package, which can significantly reduce cost. The PRP procedure is recommended for those who need to change the level of the hairline. In Delhi, the cost of a PRP procedure will be anywhere from Rs.3,000 to Rs.10,000 per session.

  1. Grade 3 Baldness

For Grade 3, there exists thinning hair as well as an area on the head that shows balding. When a spot is free of hair and the skin is shiny, then it is a clear indication that a hair transplant is already needed. The procedure for this grade level will be pricier than grade 2. You might need to have 1500-2000 or more hair grafts to correct grade 3 balding. The hair transplant in Delhi might cost anywhere from Rs.45,000 up to Rs.70,000, or could be even more for some clinics.

hair transplant
get confidence back with hair transplant
  1. Grade 4

This type of baldness has clear baldness evident that requires about 2,000 to 2,500 hair grafts. If you are a grade 4 level, you will need to shell out about Rs.60,000 to Rs.90,000 if you have a hair transplant in Delhi. You can get the hair transplant with a free PRP session, and also together with post-treatment care in certain clinics.

  1. Grade 5

Grade 5 baldness requires about 2,500 to 3,500 hair grafts. This will cost about Rs.75,000 to Rs.1,35,000 in Delhi.

  1. Grade 6

This will need two days of hair transplant that will be about 4 to 6 hours each. About 3,500 to 4,500 is needed and often requires a lump sum payment. Price is often negotiated.

  1. Grade 7

This is for bald people who need more than 4500 hair grafts. This will be done in two or three sessions. Price is also negotiated.

As you can see from above, the price will depend on how severe the baldness is. If the price is too steep for you, there are other locations that may offer more affordable rates. For Best Treatment, you can Visit the Outbloom clinic in Jaipur!

Why Getting a Hair Transplant like Celebrity Makes Sense

“It’s just baldness. It will not change who you really are on the inside.” These are just some of the encouraging words people say to their friends who are suffering from baldness. But its psychological effects cannot be denied. Just take a look at how Ranbir Kapoor tried to deal with it. While he was already considered as one of the highest paid actors in Hindi cinema, he was also a victim of hair loss. What did he do? Soon, he started sporting hoodies, caps and bandanas to hide the receding hairline. It’s obvious it was affecting him.

Later on, he was spotted wearing different hairstyles, not worrying about having fake hair falling.

Finally, it looks like that he himself got a hair transplant.

Is it a wise choice to get a hair transplant?

Baldness can have damaging effects on people, men, and women alike. People who suffer from hair loss have evident emotional and psychological symptoms, affecting the way they see themselves and as well as how other people perceive them. While some are able to cope with this physical condition, the others, on the other hand, will develop negative psychological conditions like anxiety and depression. In extreme cases, these people are referred to therapists or a psychologist to get help.

When hair loss happens, it affects the look of a person. A hairline that is receding makes one look a lot older than their actual age. Some people see this on the mirror, and their hair loss results in a loss in self-confidence. Men for example may have problems approaching the ladies for fear that they will get rejected because of baldness. Will you feel embarrassed if someone mistakes you as the uncle of your girlfriend? Maybe yes.

For Woman

For women, they are known to have more difficulty coping when they experience hair loss. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, women with hair loss have the tendency to suffer more mentally and emotionally compared to men. They are also more likely to have a negative body image. About 75% of men who have hair loss report having lesser self-confidence while 60% say they have been made fun of because of their condition.


Men and women with hair loss should suffer no more. Many Celebs are getting a hair transplant and this brought about a change in attitude. You can also gain back your confidence by getting a hair transplant.

FUE vs FUT hair transplant technique


With the hair transplant procedure, there are two types of techniques that doctors will use. These two techniques are either FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). If you are thinking about getting a hair transplant, then you will need a lot more details about both these types of procedures. Knowing these details can help you decide which type of procedure for the hair transplant to get.

Both techniques refer to the methods used for the extraction of the follicular units ( FUT or FUE) that would be used later to graft in our receiving area.

  • FUE Technique

The FUE technique uses microsurgical tools that are very small and less than 1 mm in diameter. With a micro-scalpel we proceed to perform the technique and extract the follicles one by one, that is helped with magnifying lenses to be able to see perfectly the follicle to be extracted, is the extraction of the follicle something very simple and not painful.

With the technique FUE, the wound or scar produced by scalpel is minimal and has a very fast healing, practically in a time of 4 days maximum is all healed, without leaving a mark, wound or visible scar of having happened at all, and is a minor surgery. This makes the FUE method the best type of hair transplant technique to utilize for a vast majority of people.

  • FUT technique

The aforementioned technique is older than the previous one with which we proceed to extract, remove or cut a strip or band of scalp up to about 25 cms in length and up to about 2.5 cms in width, for this we use a scalpel that it cuts nerves and blood vessels, being, therefore, an invasive technique. The FUT technique requires that after removing the strip the closure of the wound, since the surgeon has to pull both ends of the extraction area of ​​the skin band to join the ends and close it, leaving a scar in said area, although with the latest advances it is imperceptible. The healing time after the operation using the FUT technique lasts about one month.

With the FUT technique that band or strip of skin has to be divided and from there extract the follicular units that will be used for the capillary graft. The follicular units adjoining the strip could have been damaged by the fact of the extraction itself, which is absolutely normal.

What is male Alopecia?


One problem that is plaguing a lot of men worldwide is male pattern baldness or male alopecia. According to Hair Doctors all around the world, It easily affects a huge portion of the population, as it is estimated that around 10 percent of people around the world suffer from male alopecia.

Many scientists think that people who are suffering from male alopecia have thinning hair because they are affected by their genes. This is usually determined by a genetic reaction to hormonal changes. However, there are also a few other factors such as the hormonal ages due to age or environment that can contribute to hair loss.

Male alopecia means that the hair on the scalp becomes visibly thinner over time. Hair loss can be temporary or permanent.

What causes it?

The hair grows at an average rate of 1 inch every two months and each hair grows for 2 to 6 years, stays at that length for a short period and finally falls off, then a new hair begins to grow soon instead. At any given time, almost 85 percent of the hair of the head is in its growth phase and 15  percent isn’t.

Baldness in men occurs when the hair follicle on the scalp becomes unhealthy and shrinks, producing shorter and thinner hair. The end result is a very small follicle with no hair inside. Generally, hair must grow again, but in men who are balding, the hair follicle dies and no new hair grows out of it. The reason why this happens has not yet been understood, but it is related to the genes and male sex hormones. Although they are small, the follicles remain alive, which suggests the possibility of new growth.

Male Alopecia

What are the signs to look for?

The first symptoms that a person feels is a decrease in the amount of hair. Hair fall is diffuse, that is, the loss of hair is in the whole head since the follicles, which are affected, cover the entire extension of the scalp. Although at first, the symptoms do not seem important since there are no localized bald patches as is the case with alopecia over time there is a low hair density with a weak and delicate appearance and, if no treatment is given or treatment is followed, the progress It is inexorable until you reach cases where there is little capillary mass.

Are there are any treatments?

Several drugs such as Minoxidil can be used to treat male alopecia. However, one of the most effective and long-lasting treatments is called a hair transplant. Through a hair transplant, men are able to get younger and thicker looking hair that can last for years.

Benefits of hair transplant

Have you thought about getting a hair transplant?

Have you tried other treatments but did not finish giving you the result you expected? In the following lines, we give you some keys that will clarify certain aspects that may help you decide whether or not to perform a hair transplant.


Getting a hair transplant is a personal decision in which the largest number of patients are men who suffer hair loss or baldness and want to improve their physical appearance. Improving the appearance and perception of oneself can increase confidence and personal well-being and help to achieve a more youthful appearance.

Knowing the post-surgical expectations benefits to the patient in hair transplantation is key, and that is why it is very important that patients work in close collaboration with their surgeon who will determine which method is the most appropriate in each case.

  • It is an easy surgery

Hair transplant surgery is a very east surgery. Among its advantages is the fact that it does not leave scars, is not painful and does not require hospital admission. In addition, the recovery time is very fast and has a low risk of complications. However, it offers great benefits in the perception of oneself, in self-esteem and that youthful appearance that takes away baldness is recovered.

hair transplant
get confidence back with hair transplant


  • It makes you look younger

Undergoing a hair transplant will give you a more youthful appearance since people usually associate baldness with the signs of aging.

  • It will look and act like real hair

Transplanted hair behaves and feels like the real deal. So you will be able to get your old hair back as long as you take care of your new transplanted hair!

  • It makes you feel more confident

High self-esteem will be recovered, people suffering from baldness and have decided to undergo a hair transplant to recover hair in certain areas, have experienced a significant increase in their self-esteem and self-esteem, since sometimes suffering from baldness can make you feel shame, but neglect that after this procedure you can go out on the streets with great confidence.

These are but a few of the benefits that you will be able to gain if you ever decide to undergo a hair transplant procedure. Just be aware that you also need to key in your expectations when you get a hair transplant too. And be sure that you choose the right doctor if you ever do decide to go through a hair transplant!

10 things you should know about hair transplant


Gone are the days of balding and thinning hair being incurable. There is one type of procedure that could solve this kind of issue for a lot of people, and that is getting a hair transplant. During a hair transplant, a doctor will carefully graft new hair follicles and scalp onto your own, and this will cause the new hair to become part of your scalp. If you are thinking of getting this type of procedure done on your own head, then you may want to know a few things about it first!

  • Transplanted hair is like the real thing!

Transplanted hair acts and feels like your own. This makes it virtually impossible to tell from your real hair. You are also able to style and wash it like your own hair. So this means that if you want your transplanted hair to be worth it, you need to take care of it as well.

  • Wait for it to grow

Since transplanted hair is just like the real thing, this means that you also need to wait for it grows. After you get your hair transplant procedure, you’ll need to wait around a few months for the new hair to grow in.

  • Number of grafts

The total price of the hair transplant procedure will depend on how many grafts are needed for your own scalp.

  • The cost is worth it

Hair transplants can be pricey procedures. However, in the long run, the cost is very much worth it. You will end up spending less money on getting a hair transplant compared to other types of hair loss treatments.

  • FUE vs FUT

There are generally two different kinds of hair transplant procedures that most clinics will offer. These are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Speak with your surgeon to determine which the best procedure is for you.

  • You’ll need a good donor

To make sure that you get a matching hair type and color, you have to get it from a matching donor. Factors such as age, race and other things are considered when choosing a donor for your transplanted hair.

  • It is painless

Fear not, the surgeon will make use of local anesthesia to ensure that the procedure is completely painless.

  • The result will also vary

Just because you have gotten a hair transplant does not mean you will have a luscious head of hair right away. It depends on the thickness and type of your own hair too.

  • Transplanted hair can last for a lifetime

As long as you take care of your transplanted hair, it should stay on your own scalp for years to come!

  •  Scarring should be non-existent

A good surgeon will keep the scarring from the skin graft on the minimum side. So you can be sure that no one will be able to tell that you got a hair transplant.


  • Cures for baldness will vary

A hair transplant is not a one-stop cure for baldness. It all depends on factors such as the pattern of the baldness, etc.