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Mole Skin Tag Removal

Best Treatment For Mole Removal In Jaipur Outbloom Clinics

Best Treatment For Mole Removal In Jaipur

In the human body, moles perform a very intriguing role. Yet having too many of them is also an issue. A face full of moles can never make someone feel good. Then there are the moles that end up getting bigger and being an annoyance.

Let’s find out more about moles and the best skin treatments to get rid of them for good with Outbloom Clinic, the best skin and hair clinic in Jaipur.

What is a Mole?

As per our skin experts, a mole or nevi is a skin growth triggered by clusters of pigmented cells. They typically take the form of small, round, or oval patches that are dark brown or tan in color.

They are able to show up anyplace on the body. They could appear differently or eventually disappear.

Moles can appear on any part of your body, including the face, neck, arms, legs, back, and any other region. They can show up individually or in groups.

Causes Of Moles

Dr. Aklish Jain, the best dermatologist in Jaipur explains melanin as the pigment that gives color to your skin which is formed by skin cells known as melanocytes. These skin cells can sometimes group together to form moles, which are dark brown or black spots. Although the precise cause of this is still unknown, it is pretty common to have between 10 to 40 moles on your body by the time you are an adult.

Keep an eye out for the following symptoms, and if you develop them then consult a dermatologist right away:

  • If they appear to be asymmetrical, with one side being different from the other.
  • The border appears inappropriate.
  • If the color changes in any way.
  • If a mole greater than 6mm has recently grown.
  • If the mole begins to itch or bleed, changes in shape, size, or color.

How are mole removal done?

The following are the treatment options for moles:

Radiofrequency Ablation: First, anesthesia is given around the mole. The growth is then removed using a fine needle using radiofrequency ablation (RFA). Following the procedure, an antibacterial cream is applied. This procedure typically takes 15 to 20 minutes. After a few days, a delicate scab that formed over the treated region peels off. Dr. Jain at Outbloom Clinic Jaipur recommends this mole removal treatment for small and superficial moles only.

Punch Excision: Our best dermatologist states that in this mole removal treatment option, local anesthesia is given around the mole as the first step. The mole is then punched out by placing a punch tool over it. For big moles, suturing is also performed if necessary. As per the skin experts, suturing promotes quicker healing and cosmetically acceptable scar.

Shave Excision:  Outbloom Clinics states that the mole removal treatment with shave excision starts with giving local anesthesia near the mole. The mole is then cut out using a razor-like, sharp instrument. Post that, an electrosurgical feathering using a tiny electrode-like instrument is used. This procedure aids in blending the wound with the skin around it. After getting the best mole removal treatment, no stitches are needed as these little and superficial moles respond well to the process.

Laser Mole Removal: A laser-like CO2 Laser can also be used to remove moles. Local anesthesia is first administered around the mole during the mole removal laser treatment at Outbloom Clinic in Jaipur. Our best dermatologist explains that a Co2 laser is used to remove the mole from its base. A mole that is 5-8 mm in size can be removed in 5–10 minutes.


This is a more recommended mole removal treatment in Jaipur because it has the ability to remove deep moles with wound healing better than other mole removal techniques.

  • Unlike punch excision, there are no stitches involved.
  • There is no bleeding, unlike punch or shave excisions.
  • No downtime.
  • No special wound cares.
  • Very little chance of scarring.

Surgical Excision: Starting the treatment with a local anesthetic near the mole, the dermatologist will remove the entire mole during this skin treatment, along with the subcutaneous fat layer. Compared to shaving excision, this mole removal treatment is more extensive.

Stitching is used to seal the incision After that, the mole is checked for cancerous growths, if necessary. This is beneficial for big, deep moles.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Outbloom Clinics in Jaipur, we have treated a great many numbers of patients with our advanced laser technology which burns the roots of the moles to remove them from your skin.

Generally, the mole removal procedure is risk-free at Outbloom Clinics. The treated area needs to be healed for a few days. Our dermatologist will prescribe some ointments, medicines, and instructions.

Only one session is required. It takes no more than 10 mins for each mole.

Whatever may be the mole removal treatment procedure, the target area is covered with a local anesthetic cream or injectable anesthesia. This is to ensure that you don’t experience any discomfort during or after the process.

This depends on the mole removal treatment you are undergoing; the results can be instant or show noticeable lightening of the mole after the first session.

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Mole Removal treatment cost in Jaipur?

Dr. Aklish Jain, the most renowned skin specialist in Jaipur, and his Outbloom Clinic in Vaishali Nagar offers the best mole removal treatment in Jaipur. We offer wart treatments and our treatment for skin tag is one of the most reliable and productive skin tag treatments in Jaipur. For more details, book a consultation with the best dermatologist in Jaipur at Outbloom Clinic or walk into our Vaishali Nagar Clinic for the best hair and skin treatment in Jaipur.

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