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Photo Facial

Best Photofacial Treatment in Jaipur Outbloom Clinics

Best Photofacial Treatment in Jaipur

Photofacial, commonly known as photo rejuvenation. It is a cosmetic treatment that uses light laser to cure various skin problems such as age spots, sun damage, open pores, wrinkles, and fine lines. Skin care clinics in Jaipur commonly offer this medical facial. Outbloom Clinic, the best hair and skin care clinic in Jaipur offers the best Photofacial in Vaishali Nagar.

Everyone loves a perfect skin texture and looks. However, it gets hard to maintain the quality of the skin and get away from the wrath of fine lines, blemishes, wrinkles and aging skin. The damage to the skin not only dulls the charm of men and women but also their self-confidence. So, get rid of the effects of hyperpigmentation, chronic sun damage, rosacea, and more.

With advanced treatments like Photofacial, gentle skin rejuvenation is now easier than ever. Photofacial treatment, also known as Laser Skin Rejuvenation, is a process that treats different skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, discoloration, pores, fine lines, blemishes and rosacea. This skin treatment for men and women is also used to treat age and sun spots. At Outbloom Clinic Jaipur photofacial treatment is done using Q Switch Nd Yag laser.

Benefits of Photofacial at Outbloom Clinic

Photofacial is a standard skincare treatment for men and women for celebrities and actresses because it can cure many skin issues at once. Our patients experienced the following:

  • Tighten skin pores
  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Treated rosacea and Melasma
  • Minimized hyperpigmentation, freckles, sun spots

Photofacial treatments at Outbloom Clinics are affordable compared to other skin rejuvenation treatments, but this treatment also achieves long-lasting effects.

What is the procedure of Photofacial in Outbloom Clinic?

At Outbloom Clinic in Jaipur, Photofacial involves the following steps:

Prior to the procedure, our skin experts cleanse your face.

Then you are required to wear an eye shield to protect your it from the laser beams.

Before beginning the actual procedure, we assess your response to test spots. We wait for an appropriate period of time, during which we observe the reaction of the test spots to determine the treatment parameters, which take into account the patient’s skin type, discomfort tolerance, potential effect, and treatment efficiency

Above all, we make certain that we deliver the desired results.

In guidance of our best dermatologist, adjust the treatment parameters based on the results of the test spots

It is normal to feel a minor prick and a burning sensation

Following the procedure, we apply a cooling pad to reduce discomfort, as well as post-treatment redness and swelling

How Long Do The Results Last?

With multiple sessions of Q Switch Nd Yag treatment outcomes are noticeable for six months to a year following the procedure. But it differs from person to person as this purely depends on our skin exposure to the sun, pollution, genetics, ageing, and various other lifestyle factors.

Outbloom’s skin experts suggested that you limit your exposure to the sun and pollutants on your skin by routinely cleaning the impacted area and using sunscreen in order to get the most out of this photofacial treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Photofacial is a 40-60 minutes procedure

The immediate effects of the session last for 10-15 days. However, you can receive a longer-lasting benefit with repeated Photofacial sessions at Outbloom Clinic in Jaipur. With repeated sessions, the state of the skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and rosacea also frequently tend to become better.

Depending on your skin condition, one may initially require 6-8 sessions to get the best results. After that, you may take maintenance sessions once every 2-3 months post consulting a dermatologist.

Four weeks after the initial photofacial treatment, you should have the next session. It provides the skin with adequate time to heal and get back to normal. The length of the treatment will be recommended to you by the dermatologist based on your skin type, albeit each person’s skin differs in tone and texture.

Yes, this treatment is safe and good for the skin.

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Photo Facial Treatment Cost in Jaipur

The Photofacial treatments have established a trustworthy relationship with our clients with positive results. Regular sessions help in making the skin look younger for a long time. Instant results make the skin look rejuvenated and more radiant. Photofacial therapy in Jaipur is a reputable practice that provides an immediate remedy for skin-related issues.

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